@ #ukiss #concert in #paris ATM! I have a wonderful view of the stage. (Being 1row on balcony helped a lot XD) 
I saw @_lms33 not far from the stage. I think this will be the best concert ever!!

watermelon granita for summer ( by *steveH)


CL x Harper's Bazaar (Oct 2014)
140910 Show Champion

Leeteuk: I am very thankful about being able to receive our first ‘1st place’ in a show where our member is the MC of. and I think I am happy whenever I receive an award, regardless of whether it is a small or big award. Thank you for giving us this small happiness, and I hope Show Champion viewers also feel at least a bit of happiness while watching us. There are many people who want to stand on this place, but cannot. For those who are running for their dreams, we will also do our best. And our ELF, thank you. I love you. We are Super Juni-or!


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